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Essential Tool: Add2Exchange Recovery & Migration Manager License

The Add2Exchange Recovery & Migration Manager is a helpful tool which fixes folder mappings for relationships in alert due to changes in Exchange folder/mailbox IDs when changes are made to folders with active Add2Exchange relationships. The Recovery & Migration Manager is often needed to fix Add2Exchange relationships in alert status when accounts change, after a move of a user to any other server or organizational unit with an active Add2Exchange relationship, after an Exchange failure or migration, Exchange cluster failover, or any other time the IDs of the source, destination or pivot folders change, or after a folder is deleted and restored. The Recovery & Migration Manager tool should only to be used with Add2Exchange and run as the Add2Exchange Service Account. The Add2Exchange license is sold and licensed separately from the Recovery & Migration Manager tool.

When to Use Recovery & Migration Manager: You are moving mailboxes served by Add2Exchange to a new server or Mailbox Store. You are migrating Exchange servers. You are restoring an Exchange backup to a Recovery Storage Group. You are using an Exchange failover solution or Cluster to perform a hot-failover which will remain in service for any significant period of time. Your organization had an Exchange disaster and had to recover where the SIDs are different after the restore. You have a number of relationships which show in alert and do not want to manually clean up after a rebuild or do not have the Add2Exchange ToolBox. You were reorganizing or moving mailboxes or public folders between storage groups/servers. You deleted and restored folders with existing relationships which now have new IDS after the restore/move. You are migrating your entire Exchange Server and did not use the Add2Exchange ToolBox “Server Move” option to move Add2Exchange before you upgraded or moved servers. You are recovering from an Exchange failure.

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