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Essential Tool: Add2Exchange ToolBox License

The Add2Exchange ToolBox is ideal for database & relationship cleanup, duplication recovery, verbose logging, advanced sync inquiries, relationship inspection, diagnostic & editing too, unlimited startovers, unlimited server migration.

Add2Exchange ToolBox has many useful tools for monitoring, modifying and optimizing the operation of Add2Exchange and was developed to provide more power forAdd2Exchange users with special configuration, move or “start over” needs.

NOTE: The Add2Exchange license is sold and licensed separately from the Add2Exchange ToolBox.

Server Move: Use this utility when moving your entire installation of Add2Exchange from one server to another server. If moving or migrating your Exchange Server without deleting relationships and removing copies first, please see the Add2Exchange Recovery & Migration Manager which is sold and licensed separately from the Add2Exchange ToolBox. Note: All prerequisites for the target server must be done prior to the use of this option.

Add2Exchange Start-over: An Add2Exchange Start-over is needed to fix relationships when permissions change or after an Exchange failure or migration, a move of a user to any other server or organizational unit, or any other time the IDs of the source or destination folders change. During an Add2Exchange start-over, the Add2Exchange ToolBox removes the item replicas generated by Add2Exchange for all relationships, pauses for verification and then repopulates them again the next sync cycle. This is a user-visible option and should be scheduled accordingly and done after source folder backup.

Verbose Logging: This tool is useful for troubleshooting advanced problems with replication and should be used under the direction of DidItBetter technical support.

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